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Something At All Can Occur Simply Before The Sunrise
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Something At All Can Occur Simply Before The Sunrise

° con mucho gusto gladly, willingly, with a lot pleasureLo haré con mucho gusto.I shall do it gladly. ° dar gusto a to pleaseMi deseo es darles gusto a Uds.My wish is to please you. || Tengo mucho gusto en conocerle.I'm very glad to satisfy you. Gráfico graphicHabla de una manera gráfica.He speaks very graphically. ▲ pictorial, picture¿Hay aquí revistas gráficas?

Falda skirtLleva la falda muy corta.She's wearing a very short skirt. ▲ slope, sideEl pueblo está en la falda de la colina.The village is on the aspect of the hill. ▲ lapTenía el niño en la falda.She had the kid on her lap. La carta por correo aéreo.Send the letter airmail. ° enviarle a uno a paseo to ship one about his enterprise, inform someone to go chase himself. Encender [rad-ch I] to mild, put onHaga el favor de encender la luz.Please put on the light.

° tenese to maintain on one's feet, stand, stay standingApenas podía tenerse en pie.He might hardly stand. Suave delicate, gentle, gentle, lightEl dentista tenía la mano muy suave.The dentist had a very light hand. ▲ smoothEs una tela muy suave.It's a really easy material.

▲ origin, source, cradleGrecia fué la madre de la civilización occidental.Greece was the cradle of western civilization. ° madre política mother-in-lawLe voy a presentar a mi madre política.I'm going to introduce you to my mother-in-law. ° salirse de madre to overflowEl río se salió de madre.The river overflowed. Libertad liberty, freedomLos pueblos luchan por su libertad.Nations are combating for freedom. ° dejar en libertad to freeDejaron en libertad a los presos.They freed the prisoners.

▲ to dividePartieron el terreno en varios lotes.They divided the land into several heaps. ▲ to cutPartamos un poco de leña para el fuego.Let's minimize some wooden for the hearth. ▲ to interrupt, crushEsta máquina sirve para partir las piedras.This machine's for crushing stones. ▲ to leaveSi partimos por la noche llegaremos durante el día.If we leave at evening, we'll arrive in the course of the day. Parte de un supuesto equivocado.You're starting with a false assumption. ° partirse to breakAl partirse el hielo, cayeron al agua.When the ice broke they fell into the water.

Skiddaw, and Scruffel are in Cumberland, and Anandell. There are more then 4 leggs in a bedd that be∣long to man and wife. In this Translation we discover that ther are some French words crepd in, as dettis, detters, temptation, ship. You should command troopers on the front lines and bear the results of good and unhealthy calls alike. Your foes’ strengths and weaknesses are a thriller, but despite the problem, you have to find a approach to cease them before it's too late. Every new encounter with an alien kind introduces a method to be taught and counter-play to defeat them.

Meanwhile, he has a girlfriend whose calls he hasn’t returned, he can’t pay his payments, and the nation is being ravaged by the AIDS epidemic.Tick Tick…Boom! Has the weather of an engrossing memoir, but with all of the allure and enchantment of a musical. If you didn’t know Jonathan Larson’s life before, you’ll be glad to experience it. And for all you theater nerds out there, this one’s for you.

Can’t perceive what they’re saying? My friend was trapped within the subway. They had to stroll a mile in that dank nasty tunnel.

▲ to give up, give upDespués de seis días se rindió la plaza.After six days the garrison surrendered. ▲ to yield, give inNo quería rendirse a la evidencia.He didn't wish to yield to the proof. Recoger to getVoy a recoger los papeles que dejé en mi despacho.I'm going to get the papers I left in my workplace. ▲ to collectHan recogido mucho dinero para la Cruz Roja.They've collected some big cash for the Red Cross.